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The ugly side of Tanning Beds


October 28, 2023

When we think of sunscreen we think only to apply in the summer months. No you are still getting sun exposure when the sun is out and even over cast. Always apply sunscreen! Something with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide because it's a real physical blocking agent. It will protect you from the sun from getting skin caners as well as the best anti-aging thing you can do for yourself!


The ugly side of Tanning Beds

The Ugly side of tanning beds

March 15, 2017

I know we all want that beautiful brown color and sometimes feel its our release to


lay down in a tanning bed hook up to some head phones and zone out for 15


minutes, meanwhile we get a great tan. As much as we feel its a moment of a get a


way we are actually adding to the potential high risk of Skin cancer and even


horrible photo aging. We assume this is great for us mentally but its opposite.




According to the American Academy of Dermatology approximately 7.8 million

adult women and 1.9 million adult men int he United States tan indoors. research indicates that more then half of indoor tanners start tanning before age 21. With melanoma being the second most common cancer in females, this is a big risk to take. Tanning inside or out can cause several common and series skin conditions like sunburn, wrinkles, dark spots, melasma, Actinic Keratosis, a common growth that is considered to be pre- cancerous. It is estimated that more then 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. Melanoma the deadliest form of skin cancer is increasing faster among young females compared to young males.






The ugly side of Tanning Beds

Sunburns and more

The damage we do in the past catches up to us in the future! There are many different procedures that can help take it away. Along with keeping the glow with a flawless spray tan you can do procedures such as photo facials, Microneedling in combination with VI Peels and a newer technology called the PIQO 4 for all skin types that helps even out skin tone and texture! Austin regional Clinic is best known for the top of the line and is the leader in Aesthetic care. Call them today and ask for a complimentary consult and see what you can do to get pep indoor step. Look and feel good. 


Tell them Sol Couture sent you and you can get 20% off any laser or facial service.

Passion for skin

January 15, 2017

I  have worked with my Dermatologist for 11 years and have grown a huge passion for skin health. I love it! I feel we all need the right tools and education for our skin. Cosmeceutical company's can publish what ever they want and we the consumer believe it and buy it. I have that drawer that's filled with products that just didn't work. Did you know there are four main essential products needed:

Cleanser (can be gentle, can be glycolic, a serum preferable with Vitamin C and then a night time cream with an AHA (Alphy Hydroxy Acid) and the most important SPF. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide being most important ingredient and SPF between 30 to 50. Anything over 50 is a sales gimmic! I also love a yearly session of lunchtime chemical peels! Be bright and tight and feel great in your skin. I suffered with acne till my mid 20's until I took Accutane and found my cure! and ever since then I payed more attention to myself. I think we forget about our self sometimes. 

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